About Me

How it all started, story of my life

Hi, I am Jake and I love to make all sorts of stuff from woodworking projects, metalworking and everyday lifehacks that saves your budget. I am currently 20 years old and this is my first year in college(studying mechanical engineering) so I will do my best not to leave you guys with just a few videos per month.

The ability of making something by yourself in a way you particularly want is the most enjoyable thing I have found so far. Getting an idea and building something useful is fun, but testing and using that thing in everyday life is priceless. All together is a perfect endless circle each turn full of new challenges waiting for you to complete them and learn something new.

Why would you rather sleep and dream about things you want most in your life if you can wake up few hours earlier and make that dreams come true!

Stats / Achievements

  • SOLIDWORKS certified profesional - CSWP

    I became a solidworks professional on 21 october 2015
  • Runner Up in the Design Now: 3D Design Contest 2016

    Convert 3d printer to laser engraver